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e-invoicing deployment and implementation

according to the
European e-invoicing multi- stakeholders Forum e-invoicing is:
The issuing and receipt of VAT compliant invoices in an electronic format. According to Article 217 of VAT Directive No. 2010/45/EU, an electronic invoice is ... "an invoice that contains the information required in the Directive, and which has been issued and received in any electronic format.”

And an e-Invoice is
a document or dataset that can be considered an invoice under Council Directive 2006/112/EC as modified by 2010/45/EU and which has been issued and received in any electronic format."
a) Structured Invoice
Creation of a structured invoice document consists of the compilation of the required data into an agreed e-invoice message in electronic form with a known structure, format and content such as is the case with EDI and XML messages. This means that contrary to the case with a paper document, where the receiver may well be unfamiliar with the format, with a structured invoice message the format is pre-defined and known to the parties involved.
b) Unstructured Invoice
Unstructured refers to any data that has no identifiable structure. For example, images, videos, email, documents and text are all considered to be unstructured data within a dataset. While each individual document may contain its own specific structure or formatting that based on the software program used to create the data, unstructured data may also be considered “loosely structured data” because the data sources do have a structure but all data within a dataset will not contain the same structure. (source Webopedia).”
e-invoicing Benefits have been widely elaborated and proven in the last years ( or, but still the market penetration in Europe except the Scandinavian countries lies way below 40% for B2B/G invoices (Bruno Koch, Billentis, e-invoicing/ e-billing report 2015). The change management from traditional invoicing to electronic invoicing for each company needs time and effort, but benefits include sales-purchasing cycle optimisation through IT, reduced chances of fraud and meeting corporate green objectives. Most companies, who would like to start, gaining the benefits of e-invoicing, don’t have the expertise on how to manage such a project…
Do you want to start an e-invoicing project and you don’t know how to start?
Our experienced team will support you to set your goals, set-up the project team,  select the provider that fits best the needs of your project, set-up the project plan and the KPIs to measure your success, monitor the ongoing sustainability
Supplier onboarding service
Experience has shown that many companies that have started to implement e-invoicing projects – either on the accounts payable or the accounts receivable side- have a very quick response and onboarding rate at the beginning but then face delays in onboarding the critical mass of their suppliers or customers. Uncompleted supplier onboarding projects are causing the highest fall back on the ROI rate for e-invoicing projects and force the company’s organization to support over a too long period  double processes in their accounts payable cycle.
Do you face delays in onboarding your suppliers to your accounts payable automation Project?
Our onboarding support team will help you to establish an onboarding strategy, manage the communication between your company, your technology provider and your suppliers
Data synchronization service
Product catalogues are changing, suppliers and customers are changing. All our business environment is under a constant development and change process. This has an impact on Master data quality in the databases of the collaborating companies. To get the most out of e-invoicing and exchange of structured data documents, data quality is a prerequisite. The magic is to be able to maintain this data quality on a constant basis.
You have already started to use collaborating services, but you face problems with your data quality and integrity.
Our dedicated team will help you to select the best fit application for your data cleaning needs  and support you to unlock additional value from using clean data with your suppliers, customers, authorities and internally
Data analytics service:
Structured data from the sum of each company’s business and commercial documents is the source for advanced business know-how. Intelligent use of structured data is each company’s opportunity and the possibility to be ahead of its competitors. But not all the companies have the know-how and the computing facility to analyses effectively and cost efficiently their own data.
You have access to unstructured or structured data, but you don’t have the resources or expertise to extract real business value?
Our data analytics services help you to unlock important business knowledge over your supply and value chains.
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