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About Us
Electronic German Link GmbH is a company established in Germany with the scope to develop and market advanced software technology solutions that promote collaborative practices over complex Value and Supply chains in diverse vertical, horizontal and geographical markets in order to meet inefficiencies and to develop innovative and sustainable value propositions for our customers.
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e-invoicing deployment and implementation

according to the European e-invoicing multi- stakeholders Forum
e-invoicing is:
“The issuing and receipt of VAT compliant invoices in an electronic format. According to Article 217 of VAT Directive No. 2010/45/EU, an electronic invoice is ..."an invoice that contains the information required in the Directive, and [..]
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Knowledge bases
In the moment we have a lot of data in one community, we can produce benchmark information on certain KPIs (On time delivery, delivery in full on time, correctly invoiced, invoiced on time, paid on time, quality related data etc. pp) with data mining tools.
These can be anonymized and each company, that participates, has the right to benchmark itself against it competitors on these KPIs
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Collaboration Communities
EGerLink supports vertical or horizontal collaboration communities, where companies, entities or individuals, who are working together along one value chain or in one regional area, can share their data with each other in a secure and protected cloud environment.

This could be the evolution of the living labs already active. Over this platform EGerLink could gradually add additional players to increase the visibility and to increase the critical mass of collaborating companies in one Hub.

This can even work like Facebook or like LinkedIn, just for collaboration purposes, data sharing, e-invoicing, e-factoring etc. users, who are already participating, should be able to invite their suppliers and their customers and this way participate in a bonus scheme on all other services.
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